Wood from olive trees: weathered wood with a rich history


Wood from old olive trees is a unique material with a rich history. Olive trees are known for their resilience and longevity, and when they have served their purpose as fruit-bearing trees, they can be used to create beautiful wooden products. 

Wood from old olive trees is characterized by exceptional texture, scent, patterns, and color shades. Each piece of wood is unique and has its own story to tell. A story about the long life of the olive tree and its natural influences. Products made from this wood have a distinctive scent that recalls an olive grove and adds authenticity to them. 

One of the most prominent properties of the wood is its strength and weight. Olive trees grow in harsh conditions, resisting wind, sun, and drought, which is reflected in their wood. The wood is hard and compact. This makes it an ideal material for the production of furniture, kitchen utensils, and decorations that last a long time and retain their beauty for decades. 

Manufacturing from olive trees requires expertise and skill. Each piece of wood must be carefully selected, sanded, and treated to preserve its unique properties. Handwork is essential for creating quality and aesthetically appealing pieces. 

Using olives for further production is also ecological; instead of these trees being cut down and left to burn after their fruitful period, beautiful and functional art pieces can be created from their wood. This extends their lifespan and reduces the need for cutting down more trees. 

Wood from old olive trees is also associated with the tradition, history, and culture of the areas where olive trees grow. These wooden products carry the spirit of past times and can thus be a symbol of memories and sentimental values. They have the ability to bring a piece of history into the home and connect people with their roots and traditions. 

Wood from old olives is a rare and valued material, which is why it is considered among the more expensive woods. But products made from this wood become not only aesthetic pieces but also symbols of durability, resilience, and connection with nature. 

Moreover, they have the ability to infuse interiors with a Mediterranean flair. An olive table can incredibly cozy up any space, suitable not only for tables and coffee tables but also for bars, doors, or in the bedroom as a headboard. 

Did olive wood captivate you?