We create NICE THINGS using wood and epoxy.

Original design

Uniqueness lies in the courage to try new things. It does go hand in hand with the risk of failure, but that doesn't bother us. We know that exceptional things don't just happen. One has to try new methods, have imagination, and combine seemingly incompatible things, and that's exactly what we do.

Quality of workmanship

Workmanship is crucial for us. In learning, one acquires the basics, but the essential part happens in one's own workshop. Years of refining procedures, numerous dead ends, hours spent learning from the best woodworkers in the world, but the results, they are worth it.

Smart work with wood

Almost no piece of wood goes to waste; we make molds so that they can be reused, we cut the wood thoughtfully, and we have even made balls for cats from olive sawdust. Cats love the scent of olive wood.

Our products

We have both in-stock and custom-made products

    Do you want a table from us?

    Feel free to provide more details, we are eager to create bespoke tables that suit your taste.