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Do you also make custom furniture?

Yes, occasionally. We primarily focus on our own production of designer pieces, but we also fulfill the original wishes of our customers on a custom basis. More information HERE.

Do you also make oversized tables?

Yes, and gladly. It's no problem to make a three-meter-long table for a conference room or a large house.

Do you make tables without epoxy?

Sometimes yes, but we primarily focus on original design and unique combinations; we like it when it has a concept.

Do you also ship abroad? 

Yes, we ship anywhere in Europe, other countries are subject to individual arrangements.

How durable is the surface of the tables? 

Very, most of our tables have a surface treated with a nano-layer that guarantees the protection of the wood and the durability of the furniture.

What kind of warranty do you offer? 

Maximum. We stand behind the quality of our tables, so we don't worry much about the 2-year warranty; if you have a table from us and it wears out over time, we'd be happy to rejuvenate it for you.

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